Monday, August 5, 2013

Unplug and Reconnect

    So as I was reading a blog this morning,  It was talking about unplugging.  The Holy Spirit immediately spoke to me and reminding me the times He has asked me to take a day with my family and "unplug".  Our society has become so plugged into so much that we forget to sometimes stop and unplug.  I think we feel the "normal is to be plugged into something, computers, phones, iPods, iPads, video games and the list could literally go on.    
They are now so accessible we can take them with us everywhere we go.  Now please here me when I say I am not against them at all, I think technology has come so far and it is great.  I realize that all these things do help in our world today and can be very fun,  BUT I also feel and I am guilty as charged to spend countless hours a day as well as my children messing on something.  God has been showing me it's not just my family but so many.  I see so many couples out on dates with their phones in their hands and not even paying attention or speaking to each other.  Families on walks together doing the same thing, we as a society are missing out in so much, like communicating with others and listening.  So today I will choose a day of the week where we will "unplug" as a family and communicate and listen to each other.  I feel it will make a difference in our home and our relationships with each other.  I will also make a conscious decision for myself to not be in my own electronic bubble and be more mindful of others when I am out and about,  to pay attention to someone that might need a word of encouragement or even just a smile.    

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