Saturday, August 3, 2013


   When I look at this picture my heart melts. This is my Momma and my three boys 9 years ago.  WOW where has the time gone?  I wish I could jump in the picture and just squeeze each one of them.  Kaleb was 3 and is now 11, Brendin was 6 and is now 14, Cory was 9 and is now 18.  I think back when some days I would wish they were older, and how today I wish  I could go back to when they were younger.  But it reminds me to live each day to the fullest and enjoy every moment.  Make lots of memories because that is what you will have to remember.  I am so thankful I have been able to be home with them through the years, it hasn't been easy but I sure wouldn't trade for anything in the world. I am so thankful for the moments God showed up and heard my cry,  the times He made a way when there seemed to be no way.  His plan for our lives went forth despite of what others said.  I am so blessed, thankful and proud of the young men they are becoming.

  Lord thank you for your protection & guidance through the years,  I also thank you for always being there even in the times I messed up. When I have choose to take a different path you have always there to guide me back with grace, mercy and love. 

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